China's Culture, Philosophy and Software of the Mind at Nijenrode

Last  Wednesday, 16 sept. 2015, I took this picture, standing before this renowned castle of Nijenrode University at Breukelen, after a session with itim consultants, focusing on:

China's Culture, Philosophy and Software of the Mind.

We investigated the correlations between China's material history and it's culture as training of the mind (xiu-shen) which had a large impact on China's Software of the Mind, as Hoftstede  understands this. 

Backing this up with philosophical work from the main schools of Confucianism, Daoism and the Yin/Yang jia, we had a very interesting dialogue on what implications this has for the Fifth Dimension of Hofstede's intercultural model.  

Nice to work with a skilled businessgroup on Chinese philosophy at a place like this.